Fleece is all around us!

During this freezing cold spell, I played around with some fleece and vinyl to create a new collection of roller derby and personalized scarves.  My muses were are a dear friend, and the CUTEST kids in the world (second only to my own). They were great sports about their photo shoot.  Don’t these pix just make you smile?

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Rainy Day Blues Rug…


Sometimes it’s just too hard to take the perfect shot.  I saw this yarn in the store the other day and fell in love.


It was a little out of my price range, but what’s wrong with a splurge every now and then?  (I bought 6 pounds of it in two different colors!)

Well, I just finished up the rug/ blanket/ super-soft-cloud-for-your-feet-pillow and have not been able to truly show how amazing it is in a picture yet.  It’s been raining here tonight, so I may have better luck tomorrow when it’s brighter.  I am also thinking about taking it on a field trip to the park to get a few better shots.  Here are a few pics that I’m working with right now for my Etsy Shop:

DSCN9155 DSCN9124

UPDATE:  Here’s the best few shots from the park shoot: