Studio Redo.

My husband and I worked tirelessly over the last few days to put this together.  You can see from the before pictures

that it is quite the change.  CollageI’m so happy with how this turned out.  We plan to put something on top of the desktop, but I haven’t made my mind up as to what yet.  I can’t wait to make something new now!

Catching up on the clippings…

Every week it’s the same thing.  Buy the papers, clip the coupons.  Well, I waited a little too long and had 2 weeks piled up.  This was a 3 hour mess last night.  ImageI buy 5 papers a week, and then I inherit the remainder of my friends’ leftover coupons.  I’m not sure how some people get hundreds, but my family couldn’t use much more than 5 of anything anyway, so I’m cool.   I usually spend Sunday mornings sorting through the expired ones, clipping away and scouring the internet for the best deals of the week.  I know most couponers use a binder, but I prefer my good old rubbermaid bin.


I use index card dividers and sort them by manufacturer.  I’m thinking that I may need to invest in a paper cutter for as much as I do.  I’m not as diligent as others, but save (on average) about $100 a week (more or less) on my grocery bill.  When I get a great deal and pick up a ton of something, I share, or donate it.  I see no point in hoarding more than my family could reasonably use.  That being said, in the event of zombie apocalypse, my family is covered in toothpaste, croutons, deodorant, and breakfast pastries.