Scarf Complete.

I actually made two, because the first one was a little too short, but my friend has a daughter, so I think it will still get some use.  After a little tweaking of the prototype, I got to work on the second one.

DSCN8553  DSCN8558

Well, after a full day’s work, I finished it.

I trimmed up the ends, and this is the final product.

DSCN8573 DSCN8574 DSCN8567 DSCN8565

I liked it so much that I decided to add it on as a made-to-order item in my Etsy Shop.

New Work-In-Progress… The Lariat Scarf

I have made a few scarves/ necklaces here and there, but haven’t really focused on them before.  A friend asked me to make her a lariat with roses and leaves, and I’m really excited about this project.  I’m currently working on a few rugs, and this scarf is going to be a nice break to try something new.  I got the foundation done yesterday and started on some of the leaves this morning.  More pictures to come when it’s all finished…Image