Bigger is Better!

The summer seems to be zooming by already, and I’ve been busy crocheting the days away on some fun new rugs.  I love working with my customers to create new styles and colors.  Lately the custom requests have been coming in for larger and larger rugs, so I’ve added some to my shop.  I’m now happy to offer more size options for some of my favorite designs.

Check out some of these recent extra-large-size additions:

1017220_10201307651116953_1238785653_n DSCN9353 DSCN8640 DSCN9320DSCN8923

Click on the images to view details, or email Carlie at for more information.


Rested. Finally.

ImageAfter an incredibly long night working on a rug and stressing about an upcoming mural and photo session, I rolled over and awoke to something amazing this morning… silence.  It seems that my dearest-most-amazing-husband-in-the-world has left me an impromptu present, allowing me to sleep in.  I love these little surprises he gives me.  He woke up for work, and got my son ready for school and took him without waking me at all.  This means that little miss Eva slept in as well.  I woke up and had coffee, breakfast (yes, it was fruit loops- don’t judge) and a SHOWER all in peace as she slept.  Aaaahhhhh…. mmmmm.  I absolutely adore that man, and fall more in love with him every day.