DIY Daddy’s Turtle Costume…


My son has recently started enjoying a certain turtle ninja hero movie.  He LOVES to play dress up, so… of course, he asked for a costume.  (He has a million).  My wonderful husband decided to take this one on.  We had a few boxes laying around that needed some upcycling

.DSCN9193DSCN9192  DSCN9195

He cut and taped it into place, and then we used paint markers to draw a design on it.  DSCN9196

He cut a few weapons out of cardboard too.  We have ONE HAPPY BOY at our house!

DSCN9205 DSCN9210

P.S.  The cute mask was a party favor from a friend’s birthday!  Thank you Brittany!

DIY Watermelon Basket


I’m not sure how, but for the last few years I have become the watermelon basket person among my friends.  I was once asked to make one for a graduation party.  Not knowing the “correct” method of how to make one, I improvised.  Every year since then I’ve been asked to do one for another party.  Well, it is that time again, and I’m making one for a graduation party tomorrow.  Here’s my method:

  • First, gather all your supplies.

DSCN8827I used a watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew for this one, but in the past I’ve also used grapes, strawberries etc.

I get a dry erase marker, shot glass, towel, big knife, detail knife, melon baller, spoon, and this nifty little tool I got for free (standing around the grocery store watching a product demonstration in the produce department).

Roll the watermelon around until you find the way that it lays flat the best.

  • Next, grab your marker and draw a horizontal line where you want the basket to open.


Sometimes I make them higher so the fruit doesn’t fall out, but I’ve made them lower too.

It’s completely up to you.I hold my hand still and turn the watermelon so that I get the same height all the way around level.

  • Next, draw your pattern.


I take a shot glass and make 2 small lines on the sides.  Line up the little lines with the line on the watermelon and trace.  Repeat all the way around.  Draw a straight line where you want the handle to be and draw your shot-glass-circles in whatever pattern you’d like.  You can use your towel to erase the straight lines and leave the scalloped edge.  Don’t worry if the line doesn’t erase completely right now.  After you’re done with the whole project try again, and if not, you can wet the towel a little and it should come straight off.

  • Next, start cutting.


I take my little “v” tool and notch out where the scallops come together.  If you don’t have a tool like this, just use a little knife and make little v’s.  Next, I take a larger knife and cut out big triangles to get rid of the larger sections.  Use the detail knife to go in and carve away at the curves now.

  • Next, make the balls.


Insert the melon baller and twist gently to create the watermelon balls.  It’s like scooping ice cream.   Remember we’re adding other fruit, so you won’t fit it all back inside the watermelon.  Clean it up by using a spoon and scraping the walls and the handle being careful not to make the walls too thin.  Cut your other fruit in half, clean out the seeds and make balls of those too.  Mix all the balls in a bowl.  Make sure to empty the watermelon of any additional juice before returning the fruit to the basket.

All done!  


Basketweave crochet.

I had some jute lying around from another project and thought I’d try my hand at making a fruit basket. Image

Here are a few pics of the process and the finished product:


I must say that this material is a challenge, but after it was all done, I think it looks lovely and suits it’s purpose.  I like that I can flip the edges up for the handles, or fold them over.  I’m in the process of writing out the pattern to add to my Etsy Shop.  I’m also making the same one in a larger size out of kitchen cotton.  Here’s that work in progress:


We’re participating in our first Bountiful Basket this week (so excited!!!), and I wanted something special for the produce.


Scarf Complete.

I actually made two, because the first one was a little too short, but my friend has a daughter, so I think it will still get some use.  After a little tweaking of the prototype, I got to work on the second one.

DSCN8553  DSCN8558

Well, after a full day’s work, I finished it.

I trimmed up the ends, and this is the final product.

DSCN8573 DSCN8574 DSCN8567 DSCN8565

I liked it so much that I decided to add it on as a made-to-order item in my Etsy Shop.