Crochet Rugs

One of my most popular and favorite items to create is a Giant Crochet Doily Rug.  Even after making the same one several times over, it never gets old.  Each one is unique and they seem to take on a life of their own.   They’re a modern take on the traditional doily and are the perfect accent piece to any room.  I have also begun weaving, knitting and creating rugs with multiple different textures and patterns also.  They are used in homes, apartments, dorms, and even as wedding decor.  I’ve also added ombre, chevron, woven and applique rugs to the shop as well.

These rugs range in size from 2 foot entry mats to 6+ feet.  I make them from cotton, acrylic, wool and other materials upon request.  I treat them with a non-skid treatment, and they’re machine washable.

The absolute best part of making these is getting to know the customers all over the world and working with them to create something new.  I’m proud to say that they have made their way in homes across the United States, and internationally to Puerto Rico, Canada, Italy, The Netherlands, Dubai, Singapore, England, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Cypress, Portugal, Qatar, Ireland, New Zealand,  and Australia!

To order a rug, or get more information, Check out our Etsy shop, or email Carlie at:

Custom requests are welcomed and encouraged.

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