Scarves and Shawls and Cowls galore!

After seeing the amazing knitwear in a movie I saw this week,

I was inspired to create my own version.

Ok… I must admit that the original design from the movie is INCREDIBLE

and I will never be able to recreate it, but here’s what I was inspired to create…



I’ve done a few different ones at this point, and am still playing around with color and proportion,  but it is coming along.

DSCN8706 DSCN8714 DSCN8709a        DSCN8565aDSCN8571aDSCN8566a DSCN8699aDSCN8697DSCN8695DSCN8542aDSCN8548aDSCN8580aDSCN8583aDSCN8573aDSCN8578a   DSCN8533aDSCN8525aDSCN8523a

With the recent influx of requests for these and my rugs, I’m at a 6 week waiting list right now, but will probably be moving to an 8 week soon.  Hopefully after a couple of all night work sessions, I can boost production and catch up soon.

Here are some other ones I made this week too.  I love the fun colors for the winter blues.

1482835_10202549135153278_844093185_n DSCN8670 DSCN8666 DSCN8654 DSCN8646 DSCN8645 DSCN8641 DSCN8635 b

To check these out and see the other projects I’ve been up to, Check out my Etsy Shop.

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