DIY Christmas Stockings


For several years, I’ve been trying to find the perfect set of Christmas Stockings.  I’ve never been quite happy with the style or prices of the ones I found.  This year I decided to attempt some of my very own.  Warning:  I’m self-taught.  I’m sure I’m breaking about a million rules with my methods, but hey…. it worked.

This process is not my own design.  I’m not taking credit.  I followed the great tutorial here with excellent explanations of the whole assembly process:  ttps://

I followed what she said for the most part, but added some embellishments/ short cuts, and did not use batting.  The entire process took me about 8 hours for the set of 4.  I’m not the fastest sewer out there.

I bought 1/2 yard each of 4 coordinating patterns of cotton, along with some white.  First, I traced an old stocking I liked for the shape and cut the pattern out of paper.  Next, I folded the fabric in half and pinned the pattern to the fabric and cut out 4 of each.  (2 for the lining and 2 for the outsides.)  Note: If you cut it out like I did, one set of pieces are upside down on the print.  I used those for the lining.


I spread out all the stockings and decided which colors that I liked together.


Next I cut out toe and heel pieces (2 of each color)  and a trim piece from each fabric’s scraps left over.   I also cut out rectangles of white for the cuff 8 inches across and about 4 inches in width.  The heel and toe pieces I cut out from the initial pattern and the trim piece I made 8 inches across and 2 inches wide.  I then folded the trim piece in half, and then half again (like bias tape), and pressed it flat with an iron.  I pinned the white rectangle down on the fabric and then the trim rectangle along the bottom. I’m a visual person, so I didn’t really measure, just lined up both sides of the stocking so that they were identical in the placement of all the pieces.  You have to make sure they are going to match up when you sandwich them together.

DSCN9776 DSCN9774 DSCN9777 DSCN9783

Since I was using 4 fabrics, I made sure that each stocking had one of each pattern on it.  I left the raw edges on the toe and heel and just used a zig zag stitch a few times across to secure them.  I made sure to only sew the inside seams on the toe and the heel, but I sewed 2 seams on the trim piece by the white.  See where the arrows are… that’s where I sewed.


I matched up the pretty sides and sewed them together around the edges, but NOT the top.


For the lining: match up, and sew around the edges of the sides (not top) but leave a 2-3 inch hole one one side.  This will be important later.  (The tutorial I posted above has a video where she explains this.  I pretty much followed what she said from this point on.)


Snip little cuts along the curves of all the assembled pieces and make the hanger loop piece.  ( I just used some left over white, folded, folded again and sewed flat)

DSCN9787  DSCN9788

I turned the pretty side out on the ones with the heels and toes and pressed them flat.  Stuff the pretty one inside the lining (which should still be inside out) and sandwich the loop side in between the two.  Make sure all the edges line up, and sew around the top.


Pull the whole thing through the hole you left in the lining, sew the hole shut and press the finished stocking!  DSCN9797DSCN9798

These are the prototypes.  I’m hoping to improve/ refine my skills in this process and add some to my Etsy shop for the holiday season.

DSCN9803 Collage

Stay tuned for more.

THANK YOU to Thecraftygemini for this awesome tutorial!

These are now available for purchase in my Etsy Shop!


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