Happy Mothers Day!

My wonderful Kids and Hubby surprised me with an early Mother’s Day gift.  I teach dance lessons tomorrow, so they decided to celebrate early.  DSCN8540

Cole was so excited to help me cut them and place them into my favorite vase.


Being a mom has certainly been an adventure.  I’m grateful for each new experience and everyday that I get to have with my family.

I also think one of the best parts of becoming a mom is realizing how much your mom did for you.  THANK YOU MOM!


I wouldn’t be anything I am today without my AMAZING Grandmothers.  I have the best Grandmas that anyone could ever ask for.  These women are strong, soft, determined, endearing, loving, stern, gentle, fierce, spirited, vibrant, caring, nurturing pillars in my family.  I miss them more and more every day, the ones who live far away, and the ones no longer with us.  I love you.  DSCN75442 grad pic2 266


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